Search the Web on Your Droid Bionic - dummies

Search the Web on Your Droid Bionic

The handiest way to find things on the web is to use the Google Search widget on your Droid Bionic, often found floating on the Home screen panel, to the left of the main Home screen panel, shown in this figure. Use the Google Search widget to type something to search for or touch the Microphone button to dictate what you want to find on the Internet.


To search for something anytime you’re viewing a web page in the Browser app, press the Search soft button. Type the search term into the box. You can choose from a suggestions list or touch the Go button to complete the search using the Google search engine.


To find text on the web page you’re looking at, rather than search the entire Internet, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the web page where you want to find something.

  2. Press the Menu soft button.

  3. Choose the More command and then choose Find on Page.

  4. Type the text you’re searching for.

  5. Use the left- or right-arrow button to locate that text on the page — backward or forward, respectively.

    The found text appears highlighted in a hideous shade of green.

  6. Touch the X button when you’re done searching.