How to Retrieve Messages on Your Android Phone - dummies

How to Retrieve Messages on Your Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

When you have a voicemail message looming on your Android phone, a notification icon appears on the status bar, similar to the one shown. Choose this notification to connect to the voicemail service, or you can access the Phone app’s dialpad where you long-press the 1 key.


What happens next depends on how your carrier has configured its voicemail service. Typically, you have to input your PIN. Afterward, the new messages play or you hear a menu of options. Advice: Look at the phone so that you can see the dialpad, and tap the Speaker icon so that you can hear the prompts.

To help you remember the prompts, print out this list and write them down here:

Press _____ to listen to the first message.

Press _____ to delete the message.

Press _____ to skip a message.

Press _____ to hear the menu options.

Press _____ to hang up.

While you’re at it, write your voicemail PIN: _______