Receive Text Messages on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Receive Text Messages on the Droid Bionic

You can receive, forward, or opt out of text messaging for your Droid Bionic phone. Whenever a new text message comes in, you see the message appear briefly at the top of the Droid Bionic touchscreen. Then you see the New Text Message notification, shown in the margin.


To view the message, pull down the notifications. Touch the messaging notification and that conversation window immediately opens.

Forwarding a text message

It’s possible to forward a text message, but it’s not the same as forwarding e-mail. In fact, when it comes to forwarding information, e-mail has text messaging beat by well over 160 characters.

The bottom line is that you can forward only the information in a text messaging cartoon bubble, not the entire conversation. Here’s how it works:

  1. If necessary, open a conversation in the Messages app.

  2. Long-press the text entry (the cartoon bubble) you want to forward.

  3. From the menu that appears, choose Forward Message.

    From this point on, forwarding the message works like sending a new message from scratch:

  4. Type the recipient’s name (if the person is a contact) or type a phone number.

    The text you’re forwarding appears, already written, in the text field.

  5. Touch the Send button to forward the message.

Opt out of text messaging

You don’t have to be a part of the text messaging craze. Indeed, it’s entirely possible to opt out of text messaging altogether. Simply contact your cellular provider and tell them that you want to disable text messaging on your phone. They will happily comply, and you’ll never be able to send or receive a text message again.

People opt out of text messaging for a number of reasons. A big one is cost: If the kids keep running up the text messaging bill, simply disabling the feature is often easier than continuing to pay all the usage surcharges. Another reason is security: Viruses and spam can be sent via text message. If you opt out, you don’t have to worry about receiving these unwanted text messages.