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Receive Calls on Your Droid Bionic

Several things can happen when you receive a phone call on your Droid Bionic. It seems simple enough, but some parts of the basic phone operation may be new to you or may be the source of confusion.

  • The phone rings or makes a noise signaling you to an incoming call.

  • The phone vibrates.

  • The touchscreen reveals information about the call, as shown in the figure.


The three possibilities, or a combination thereof, are your signals that you have an incoming call. A simple look at the touchscreen tells you more information, as illustrated.

To answer the incoming call, slide the green Answer button to the right. Then place the phone to your ear or, if one’s attached, use a headset.

To dispense with the incoming call, slide the red Ignore button to the left. The phone stops ringing, and the call is immediately banished into voice mail.

Finally, you can simply silence the phone’s ringer by pressing the Volume button up or down.

If you’re already using the phone when a call comes in, such as browsing the web or playing Angry Birds, the incoming call screen looks subtly different from the one shown. Your choices for what to do with the call, however, are the same: Touch the green Answer button to accept the call or touch the red Ignore button to send the caller to voice mail.

When you’re already on the phone and a call comes in, you can touch the green Answer button to accept the call and place the current call on hold.

  • The contact’s picture, such as Mr. Poe in the figure, appears only when you’ve assigned a picture to that contact. Otherwise, the generic Android icon shows up. The contact’s social networking information, also shown, appears whenever the contact is a social networking buddy.

  • If you’re using a Bluetooth headset, you touch the control on the headset to answer your phone.

  • The sound you hear when the phone rings is known as the ringtone. You can configure the Droid Bionic to play a number of ringtones, depending on who is calling, or you can set a universal ringtone.

  • Information about which city the call originates from is provided by the City ID app on your Droid Bionic. You must subscribe to the City ID service to see the city information, though you get a free trial when you first get your phone. Open the City ID app on the App menu for additional details.