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Queue Up Songs in Your Android’s Play Music App

By Dan Gookin

With your Android phone’s Play Music app, it’s fun to randomly listen to your music library, plucking out tunes like a mad DJ. Oftentimes, however, you don’t have patience to wait for the song to finish before choosing the next tune. The solution is to add songs to the queue. Here’s how:

  1. Browse your music library for the next song (or album) you want to play.
  2. Tap the song’s Action Overflow.
  3. Choose Add to Queue.
    The Play Music app adds the song to the list of tunes to play next.

Songs are added to the queue in the order you tap them. That is, unless you instead choose the Play Next command in Step 3, in which case the tune is inserted next-in-line in the queue.


To review the queue, tap the Song Queue icon, shown here. The queue is shown in the following figure.

The song queue.

Songs in the queue play in order, top down. To change the order, drag a song card up or down. To remove a song from the queue, swipe its card left or right.

If you like your queue, consider making a playlist of those same songs.