Preparing to Travel with Your Android Phone - dummies

Preparing to Travel with Your Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

You can take your Android phone with you anywhere you like. How it functions may change depending on your environment, and you can do a few things to prepare before you go. Add these items to your other travel checklists, such as taking cash, bringing an ID, and preparing to wait in inspection lines.

Unless you’re being unexpectedly abducted, you should prepare several things before leaving on a trip with your phone.

Most important, of course, is to charge the thing. You probably charge your phone overnight anyway, but if you’re leaving in the middle of the day, plug in your phone to ensure that the charge will last the journey.

Also, consider loading up on some reading material, music, and a few new apps before you go. Nothing beats getting eBooks for the road. Visit Google Play to shop for movies, music, and books before you go. Perhaps even load up a new game that you can learn to play.

If you plan to read books, listen to music, or watch a video while on the road, consider downloading that media to your phone before you leave.

Most major airlines offer travel apps. These apps generate notifications for your schedule and provide timely gate changes or flight delays; plus, you can use the phone as your e-ticket. Search Google Play to see whether your preferred airline offers an app.