Placing a Video Call with Skype on Your Android Phone - dummies

Placing a Video Call with Skype on Your Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

Placing a video call with Skype from your Android is easy: Start a text chat. After the conversation starts, touch the Video Call icon. The call rings through to the contact, and if they want to video chat, they pick up in no time and you’re talking and looking at each other.


When someone calls you on Skype, you see the Skype incoming call screen. Touch the Audio (handset) icon to answer as a voice-only call; touch the Video icon (if it’s available) to answer using video. Touch the Decline icon to dismiss the call, especially when it’s someone who annoys you.


The incoming call screen appears even when the phone is sleeping; the incoming call wakes up the phone, just as a real call would.


When you’re in a Skype video conversation, the screen looks like the one shown. Touch the screen to see the onscreen controls should they disappear. Touch the red Disconnect icon to end the call.

  • Voice and video chat on Skype over the Internet are free. When you use a Wi-Fi connection, you can chat without consuming your cellular plan’s data minutes.

  • You can chat with any user in your Skype contacts list by using a mobile device, a computer, or any other gizmo on which Skype is installed.

  • Video chat is available only on a handful of cell phones that have front-facing cameras and also are allowed to video chat. Not every Android phone with a front-facing camera has video chat available. (Blame the cellular provider.)

  • Video chat may be available only over Wi-Fi or 4G connections.

  • If you plan to use Skype a lot, get a good headset.

  • It’s impossible to tell whether someone has dismissed a Skype call or simply hasn’t answered. And Skype has no voicemail, so you can’t leave a message.