Open and Look Inside the Droid Bionic - dummies

Open and Look Inside the Droid Bionic

It rarely happens, but occasionally you might need to open and access your Droid Bionic’s inner parts. Unlike some other cell phones, the Droid Bionic is designed to have easily replaceable items that you can get to without having to sneak around behind the manufacturer’s back, pry open the phone, and alert the warranty police.

Specifically, you might need to open your phone for two reasons:

  • To install or replace the battery

  • To access the MicroSD memory card

When you need to access one of these items, you can obey these steps:

  1. Turn off your phone.

  2. Flip the phone over.

  3. Stick your thumbnail into the slot found on the back of the phone, just behind the Power / Lock button.

  4. Pry off the back cover.

    The prying takes some effort. Use your thumbnail to free the cover from the back of the phone, working around the top and then down the sides.

  5. Set aside the back cover.

    Use the figure to identify the phone’s battery and the MicroSD memory card.


  6. Remove the MicroSD card by sliding it in the direction of the rear camera.

    Likewise, you insert the card by sliding it away from the rear camera. The MicroSD card clicks when it’s fully inserted.

    When you’re done rummaging around inside your phone, close things up.

  7. Snap the back cover back onto the phone; line it up and then press the back cover into position, working all the way around the phone to ensure that the cover is fully seated.

    The cover fits only one way.

You can turn on the phone again after the back cover is locked into place.

  • It’s possible to remove the MicroSD card without turning off your Droid Bionic, though it’s not recommend. This operation involves unmounting the MicroSD card, which happens automatically when you turn the phone off.

  • If you’re upgrading to the Droid Bionic from another Android phone, simply remove the MicroSD card from that phone and install it on the Droid Bionic. By doing so, you instantly transfer your pictures, music, and videos from the old phone to the new one.