Open a Google Account for Your Droid Bionic - dummies

Open a Google Account for Your Droid Bionic

You absolutely must have a Google account to use with your Droid Bionic phone. Perhaps it’s the big with Google hint on the phone’s back cover. Or, it might be that the phone initially begs you to set things up with a Google account. So, if you don’t already have a Google account, set one up right now by following the advice in this section.

Run — don’t walk — to a computer and follow these steps to create your own Google account:

  1. Open the computer’s web browser program.

  2. Visit the main Google page.

    Type into the web browser’s Address box.

  3. Click the Sign In link.

    Another page opens where you can log in to your Google account, but you don’t have a Google account, so:

  4. Click the link to create a new account.

    The link is typically found beneath the text boxes where you would log in to your Google account.

  5. Continue heeding the directions until you’ve created your own Google account.

Eventually, your account is set up and configured. Log off and then log back on to Google, just to ensure that you did everything properly. Also create a bookmark for your account’s Google page: Pressing Ctrl+D or Command+D does that job in just about any web browser.

  • A Google account is free. Google makes zillions of dollars by selling Internet advertising, so it doesn’t charge you for your Google account or any of the fine services it offers.

  • The Google account gives you access to a wide array of free services and online programs. They include Gmail for electronic messaging, Calendar for scheduling and appointments, and an account on YouTube, along with Google Finance, blogs, Google Buzz, and other features that are also instantly shared with your phone.