Multiple Web Page Windows on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Multiple Web Page Windows on the Droid Bionic

The Droid Bionic does a fairly good job of letting you surf the web anywhere you take your phone. The process of web browsing works the same as it does on a computer, but it’s probably something you may not be completely familiar with.

The Browser app sports more than one window, so you can have multiple web pages open at a time on your Droid Bionic. You can summon another browser window in one of several ways:

  • To open a link in another window, long-press the link and choose the command Open in New Window from the menu that appears.

  • To open a bookmark in a new window, long-press the bookmark and choose the Open in New Window command.

  • To open a blank browser window, press the Menu soft button and choose New Window.

You switch between windows by pressing the Menu soft button and choosing the Windows command. All open Browser windows are displayed on the screen; switch to a window by choosing it from the list. Or, you can close a window by touching the Minus button to the right of the window’s name.

New windows open using the home page that’s set for the Browser application.