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More Exciting Android Phone Ringtones

By Dan Gookin

Your Android phone comes with a smattering of ringtones. These are either preset by the phone’s manufacturer or available from the cellular provider. You are not limited to those offerings.

Some Android phones allow you to create and use your own ringtones. On those phones, you can assign any MP3 or WAV audio file as a ringtone. To obtain such a file, you have several choices:

  • Create the audio file on the phone by using an audio-recording app.

  • Copy the audio file from a computer.

  • Download an audio clip from the Internet.

Once the file exists, see whether you can play it. Locate the file by using a music app, such as Play Music, or a file management app. When you find the file, open it and see whether it plays. That’s the first good sign that you can use the audio clip, but it may not guarantee that you can use the sound snippet as a ringtone.

The second good sign is to look for an Action Overflow or Menu icon when the audio file is playing. Touch that icon and look for a command titled Set as Ringtone. Choosing that command makes the sound available as the phone’s ringtone.

When these steps don’t work, you’re not totally out of luck. In fact, if you’re into ringtones, you can scour the Play Store for a ringtone app. One that I recommend is Zedge. It lets you browse thousands of ringtones, as well as wallpapers and other media, for use on your Android phone.

When you choose to use a ringtone app such as Zedge, you’ll see the common Complete Action Using menu when you need to choose a ringtone or notification sound. From the prompt, choose the Zedge app, and then touch Always or Just Once. Use Zedge to look up and select an alternative ringtone.

Remember that ringtones are set separately for the phone and notifications. Other apps, such as Facebook and Twitter, may also use Zedge for ringtones.