Make a Scene Selection with Your HTC One's Camera App - dummies

Make a Scene Selection with Your HTC One’s Camera App

By Bill Hughes

If you’re taking a still image of your friends at the park, your HTC One default settings will work well. To save you from having to make dozens of adjustments, HTC offers a number of scenarios and makes the most important settings to offer the best chance for a good image. These scenarios include:

  • Nighttime: You’re out past your bedtime and the lighting is dark. Get some help with this option.

  • HDR: High dynamic range will take whatever your lens sees and make it look brighter and clearer. It is like magic! Try it and see for yourself.

  • Sweep Panorama: Take a wider shot than you can with a single shot. Press the camera button while you rotate through your desired field of view. The application stitches the individual photos into a single wide-angle shot.

  • AntiShake: This option compensates for most shaking mitts. If too much caffeine is causing your shots to blur, this is your answer.

  • Manual (M): This gets you to the camera settings.

  • Portrait: This mode automatically hides subtle facial imperfections. (No guarantees!) The good news is that when you use the front-facing camera for a selfie (a shot you take of yourself, while you’re holding the phone), the camera uses this setting as the default. Users of a certain age will appreciate any help we can get.

  • Landscape: This is the choice if you want to take a distant shot.

  • Backlight: If you have to take a shot towards the sun or a bright light, use this setting to compensate the best way possible.

  • Text: Use this setting if you’re an international spy and are stealing the top secret plans from the enemy. It also works to take images of books and reports.

  • Macro: Sometimes you want to take an image of a small object up close. This is the setting for you.

The scene selections make it easy to get better-than-average images with just a few quick clicks.