Make a Phone Call on the Droid Bionic - dummies

Make a Phone Call on the Droid Bionic

The Droid Bionic, of course, actually makes phone calls. It can also receive phone calls, as long as other people, also equipped with cell phones (or even telephones), know your phone number. To place a phone call on your Droid Bionic phone, follow these simple steps:

1Touch the Dialer app on the Home screen.

The Dialer app is also found on the App menu, but it’s traditionally found on the Dock, at the bottom of the Home screen, in the lower-left corner.

The Dialer app displays the dialpad, similar to the one shown in the figure. If you don’t see the dialpad, touch the Dialer tab indicated in the figure.

2Type the number to call.

Use the keys on the dialpad to type the number. If you make a mistake, touch the Delete button, shown in the figure, to back up and erase.

As you dial, you may hear the traditional touch-tone sound as you input the number. The phone may also vibrate as you touch the numbers.

Any contacts you have that match the number you dialed appear above the dialpad. Use the Show All Matches button to display the complete list, and then touch a contact’s name to have that number pasted into the Phone Number field.

3Touch the green phone button to make the call.

The phone doesn’t make the call until you touch the green button.

As the phone attempts to make the connection, two things happen: First, the Call in Progress notification icon appears on the status bar. The icon is a big clue that the phone is making a call or is actively connected.

Second, the screen changes to show the number you dialed, similar to the one shown. When the recipient is in your Contacts list, the contact’s name, photo, and social networking status (if available) also appear, as shown in the figure.

Even though the touchscreen is pretty, at this point you need to listen to the phone: Put it up to your ear or listen using the earphones or a Bluetooth headset.

4When the person answers the phone, talk.

Use the phone’s Volume button (on the side of the Droid Bionic) to adjust the speaker volume during the call.

5To end the call, touch the red End Call button.

The phone disconnects. You hear a soft beep, which is the phone’s signal that the call has ended. The Call in Progress notification goes away.