Install Your Droid Bionic's SIM Card and Battery - dummies

Install Your Droid Bionic’s SIM Card and Battery

The Droid Bionic comes disassembled inside the box. If the nice people who sold you the phone haven’t already installed the SIM card and battery, that chore falls to you.

Start by locating the SIM card. It comes in a holder the size of a credit card. You need to pop the SIM card out of the card holder. If you assembled plastic model kits as a kid, you’ll be a pro at popping the SIM card out of its holder.

Insert the SIM card in the top of the phone, right next to the rear camera, as illustrated. An outline on the phone shows you how to orient the SIM card; the shiny side faces down.


The SIM card slot is not flush with the bottom of the battery compartment. It may take a few tries before you find the slot.

After inserting the SIM card, your next step is to install the battery. (The battery blocks the SIM card, so the SIM card must be installed first.)

Remove the battery from its plastic bag. Orient the battery as illustrated in the figure.

Insert the contacts edge of the battery first. Then lower the top part of the battery like you’re closing the lid on a tiny box. Properly inserted, the battery is flush with the back of the phone.

If the MicroSD card wasn’t installed, you can install it now. After the SIM card and battery are installed, attach the back cover: Position the back cover over the phone’s rear; then press the back cover to shut it. Pinch all edges to ensure that the cover is snugly attached.

After the battery is installed, your next step is to charge it.

  • The SIM card is required in order to identify your phone with the 4G LTE network.

  • You rarely need to remove the SIM card.