How to Wake the Droid Bionic - dummies

How to Wake the Droid Bionic

Most of the time, you don’t turn off your Droid Bionic. Instead, the phone does the electronic equivalent of falling asleep. Either the phone falls asleep on its own (after you ignore it for a while) or you put it to sleep.

In Sleep mode, the phone is still on and it can still receive calls (as well as e-mail and other notifications), but the touchscreen is turned off.

When the phone isn’t ringing, you can wake it at any time by pressing the Power Lock button. A simple, short press is all that’s needed. The phone awakens, yawns, and turns on the touchscreen display; and you can then unlock the phone by using your finger to slide the Padlock icon to the right.

  • Touching the touchscreen when the screen is off doesn’t wake up the phone.

  • Loud noises don’t wake up the phone.

  • When the Droid Bionic is playing music, which it can do while the phone is sleeping, information about the song appears on the lock screen. Touch that information to see controls to play and pause or to skip to the next or previous song.