How to Use the Droid X's Voice Input - dummies

How to Use the Droid X’s Voice Input

By Dan Gookin

Voice input is available on your Droid X anytime you see the Microphone icon. Not every Droid application features voice input as an option, but if you see that icon, you can literally tell your Droid what you want it to type for you:

  1. To begin voice input, touch the Microphone icon.


    A voice input screen appears.

  2. When you see the text Speak Now, speak directly into the phone.

    While you speak, the Microphone icon flashes green. After you stop talking, the phone digests what you said. You see your voice input appear as a wave-like pattern on the screen. Eventually, the text you spoke — or a close approximation — appears on the screen. It’s magical . . . and sometimes comical.

    The first time you try voice input, you might see a description displayed.

  3. If a description appears, touch the OK button to continue.

Here are some tips when it comes to using Droid’s voice input:

  • The better your diction, the better the result.

  • Try to speak in short sentences.

  • You have to speak any punctuation in your text.

    For example, you need to say, “I’m sorry comma Belinda period” to have the phone produce the text I’m sorry, Belinda. Common punctuation marks you can dictate include the comma, period, exclamation point, question mark, and colon.

The Droid X features a voice censor, which replaces any naughty words you might utter with a series of pound (#) symbols. The phone knows a lot of blue terms, including the famous “Seven Words You Can Never Say On Television.”