How to Use the Droid Bionic's Soft Buttons - dummies

How to Use the Droid Bionic’s Soft Buttons

Below the Droid Bionic touchscreen are four buttons labeled with four icons. They’re soft buttons, and they perform specific functions no matter what you’re doing on the phone. The table lists the soft buttons’ functions in order, from left to right.

Droid Bionic Soft Buttons
Button Name Press Once Press Twice Press and Hold
image0.jpg Menu Display menu Dismiss menu Nothing
image1.jpg Home Go to Home screen Double-tap Home launch function Recent applications
image2.jpg Back Go back, close, dismiss keyboard Nothing Nothing
image3.jpg Search Open phone-and-web search Nothing Voice Actions menu

Not every button always performs the actions listed in the table. For example, if there’s no menu to open, pressing the Menu soft button does nothing.

Pressing the Home soft button always takes you to the primary Home screen panel (the center one) — unless you’re already viewing the main (center) panel, in which case pressing the Home soft button displays an overview of all five Home screen panels.

When you press the Home button twice, you activate the Double Tap Home Launch feature. It’s normally configured to do nothing, but you can direct the phone to run one of a handful of popular apps or perform special activities by activating this function.