How to Use Swype on the Droid Bionic - dummies

How to Use Swype on the Droid Bionic

The key to using Swype on your Droid Bionic is to not lift your finger from the keyboard. Start slowly; don’t worry that the teenager sitting next to you is using Swype so fast it looks like he’s writing Chinese characters on his phone.

Your first task in Swype is to learn how to type simple, short words: Keep your finger on the touchscreen, and drag your finger over the letters in the word, such as the word howdy, shown in this figure. Lift your finger when you’ve completed the word. The word then appears in whichever app you’re using.


Capital letters are typed by dragging your finger above the keyboard after touching the letter, as shown in this figure, where Utah is typed.


To create a double letter, such as the oo in book, you make a little loop on that key. In this figure, the word Spoon is typed, using both the capital-letter trick and the double-letter trick.


If Swype incorrectly guesses which characters you typed, choose the proper word from the alternatives displayed just above the onscreen keyboard. That’s the quickest way to fix a bad Swype swipe. Otherwise, you have to press the Delete key to back up and erase, and then try again.

For more Swype typing tips, refer to the tutorial found by touching the Swype key on the keyboard.

The Swype software interprets your intent as much as it interprets your accuracy. Even being close to the target letter is good enough; as long as you create the correct pattern over the keyboard, Swype usually displays the right word. Slow down and you’ll get the hang of it.