How to Turn on the Droid Bionic - dummies

How to Turn on the Droid Bionic

Unlike turning on the Droid Bionic for the first time, turning it on at any other time isn’t that involved. In fact, under normal circumstances, you probably won’t turn off the phone that much.

To turn on the Droid Bionic, press and hold the Power Lock button for a moment. You see the Droid Bionic logo and animation, and the phone may scream “Droid!” at you. Eventually, you’re plopped into an unlocking screen.

The primary unlocking screen is shown here. To access your phone, use your finger to slide the Padlock icon to the right.


If you choose to add more security, you see one of three additional unlocking screens: pattern lock, PIN lock, or password lock.

The pattern lock is shown in this figure. Drag your finger over the dots on the screen, duplicating a preset pattern. Only after you drag over the dots in the proper sequence does the phone unlock.


Another type of unlocking screen uses a PIN, or secret number, which must be typed before you’re allowed access to the phone. Use the keypad, shown in this figure, to type the number. Touch the Enter key to accept.


You may also see a password unlock screen, where you use the onscreen keyboard to type a password, just as you type a password to get into your computer or log in to a website.

Eventually, you see the Home screen, which is where you control the phone, run applications, and do all sorts of other interesting things.

  • After unlocking the phone, you may hear some alerts or see notifications. These messages inform you of various activities taking place in the phone, such as new e-mail, scheduled appointments, updated apps, and more.

  • Even if the phone has a security pattern, PIN, or password, you can still make emergency calls by touching the Emergency Call button.