How to Turn On and Set Up Your Droid X for the First Time - dummies

How to Turn On and Set Up Your Droid X for the First Time

By Dan Gookin

When you turn on your new Droid X for the first time, you need to run through some setup steps. After you have your Droid running and your settings in place, you can start exploring the many things you can do with it.

  1. Press the Power button.

    You see some fancy graphics and animation. After a moment, you hear the phone say, in a robotic voice, “Droid!” The Android character prompts you to get started.

  2. Obey the instructions on the touchscreen display and touch the Android icon.

    Instructions appear, describing your new phone and some things you can learn. Read them if you want, or just pretend to read them. If your Droid X hasn’t yet been activated, your Droid directs you to do so.

  3. Touch the Activate button and follow the directions on the screen.

    You need to make a phone call to activate the phone. Touch the Speaker button so that you can hear the phone and use the touchscreen to input information.

  4. After activation, touch the Next button.

    The tutorial proceeds.

  5. Touch the Begin button.

    Information about your phone appears. You’re asked to create or sign in to your Google account. It’s a good idea to have a Google account with your phone because you get a lot more out of the Droid X when you have the account.

  6. Touch the first text field where you enter your Google account name.

  7. Use the onscreen keyboard to type your Google account name.

    The Google account name is also the first part of your Gmail email account. If you have multiple Google accounts, sign in to the phone using the primary account or the one that has the Calendar you use most often. (Touch the onscreen keyboard’s Delete button, labeled DEL, to back up if you make a mistake.)

  8. Touch the Password text box and type your Google account password.

    Each character in the password appears briefly after you type it, and then the character turns into a black dot, so pay attention to what you type!

  9. Touch the Sign In button.

    If you can’t see the Sign In button, touch the Done button on the keyboard or, if that button isn’t available, touch the Back soft button, found at the bottom of the touchscreen. You may have to wait a while for everything to sync up.

  10. If prompted, choose whether you want to use Google locations.

    You do, but you can always change this option later, after you use the phone and figure out what it means.

  11. Touch the Next button and then the Finish Setup button.

    You’ll be asked whether you want to use Backup Assistant.

  12. For now, touch the Skip button.

    The screen that appears allows you to set up other accounts for the Droid X, such as a non-Gmail email account, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo!, and so on.

  13. If you don’t want to add accounts right now, touch the Done Adding Accounts button.

    You’re now ready to start using your Droid X. Your phone automatically syncs with your Google account, and your contacts, calendar appointments, and Google Talk pals are already configured for you on your Droid X.