How to Take Pictures with Your HTC One - dummies

How to Take Pictures with Your HTC One

By Bill Hughes

Before you can take a picture on the HTC One, you have to open the Camera app. The easiest way is through the Camera application from the application list. Just tap the camera icon to launch the app. A closely related application on your phone is the Gallery, which is where your phone stores your images. The icons for these two apps are shown in the following figure.


With the Camera app open, you’re ready to take a picture within a few seconds. The screen becomes your viewfinder. You’ll see a screen like the one shown.

  • How do you snap the picture? Just tap the camera icon on the right (the camera within the oval). The image that’s in your viewfinder is what you will see in the digital image.

  • Tap the camera icon, and the new picture appears as a thumbnail in the upper right.

  • You can tap the thumbnail to take a look, or you can tap again to take another picture. What could be easier?

You probably know that it’s not a good idea to touch the lens of a camera. At the same time, it’s practically impossible to avoid touching the lenses on your HTC One. This can create a build-up of oil and dirt on your high-resolution lens. Clean your camera lens from time to time. Otherwise your high-resolution images might look like you live in a perpetual fog bank.

Digital magnification

If you want to control how much background you see in your shot, HTC has a slick way to zoom in. When you’re using the Camera app, you can use the pinch motion on the screen to zoom in or the stretch motion to pan out.

The viewfinder tells you how much you have zoomed into the shot on the slider icon to the right. The figure shows some images that have some and full zoom.


Flashing someone

Another important setting you may need to control is the flash.

  • Always Flash.

  • Never Flash.

  • Automatic Flash: Let the phone determine if a flash is necessary for a good picture.


As a rule, it is probably best to leave it to the camera’s intelligence. However, sometimes a flash isn’t allowed or would be rude. In these cases, turn off the flash. Your phone will see if it can make the image work. Just tap the flash icon to change the setting.

You’ll have times when you want to force the flash to operate. For example, Junior is being cute on the playground, but the sun is shining. Your camera may say that you don’t need a flash, but your head says that you do. You can tell it to flash anyway.