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How to Share Pictures and Video from Your Droid X

By Dan Gookin

You can share the images and videos on your Droid X over the Internet. Occasionally, you stumble across the Share command when working with photos and videos in the Droid Gallery. This command is used to distribute images and videos from your Droid X to your pals on the Internet.

The menu that appears when you choose the Share command contains various options for sharing media. You may see more or fewer items on the Share menu, depending on which software you have installed on your Droid X, which Internet services you belong to, and which type of media is being shared.


Here are some of the media items you can choose from the menu and how the media is shared:

  • Bluetooth: Bluetooth is perhaps the most difficult way to share files. The problem with file sharing by using Bluetooth on the Droid X is that the devices can pair, but not connect, just fine. Your laptop or a second mobile phone may claim that the Droid X is lacking a service. Because this is a software-related issue, it might be repaired in the future. Check online for the current status of the issue.

  • Email and Gmail: After selecting one or more images or videos, choose Email or Gmail from the Share menu to send the media files from your Droid X as a message attachment. Fill in the To, Subject, and Message text boxes, as necessary. Touch the Send button to send the media.

    You may not be able to send video files as e-mail attachments because some video files are humongous. They would not only take too long to send but also might be too big for the recipient’s inbox.

  • Facebook: To upload a mobile image to Facebook, choose the Facebook command from the Share menu. Optionally, type (or dictate) a caption. Touch the Upload button. Eventually, the media makes its way to Facebook, for all your friends to enjoy and make rude comments about. The Facebook option isn’t currently available for sharing videos.

  • Photo Sharing: A shortcut to sending an image (not a video) to Facebook or your Picasa album. After choosing this option, you see a sharing screen from which you can choose Facebook or Picasa, or add a sharing account, such as Photobucket or one of the other free online picture-sharing services.

  • Picasa: Perhaps the sanest way to share photos (you can’t share videos through Picasa). Choose Picasa from the Share menu, type a caption, choose your Google account (if you have more than one), choose a Picasa album, and touch the Upload button to send the images.

    Because Picasa may automatically sync certain albums with your Droid X, you can end up with two copies of the image on the phone. If so, you can delete the non-Picasa version of the image from its original gallery.

  • Print to Retail: Here’s a crazy idea: Connect your phone to a local photo developer, such as Costco, and have it send your images electronically so that they can be printed. Just fill in the various forms to have your pictures sent and printed.

  • Text Messaging: Media can be attached to a text message, which then becomes the famous MMS, or multimedia message. After choosing the Messaging sharing option, input the contact name or phone number to which you want to send the media. Optionally, type a brief message. Touch the Send button to send the message.

  • Twitter: Images are shared on the popular Twitter social networking site by saving the image on a Twitter image-sharing Web site and then tweeting the link to that image. The Twitter app that comes with the Droid uses TwitPic to share images. After choosing the Twitter option for sharing, you see the TwitPic link in your tweet message. Type additional text (whatever will fit) and then touch the Update button to tweet the pic’s link.

  • YouTube: The YouTube sharing option appears when you’ve chosen to share a video from the Gallery. As a Google account holder, you also have a YouTube account. You can use the YouTube app on the Droid X along with your account to upload your phone’s videos to the Internet.

    Upload a video by turning on the Wi-Fi connection, which is oodles faster than using the cellphone digital network.