How to Share Images with an Android Phone - dummies

How to Share Images with an Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

The key to getting images out of your Android phone and into the world is to look for the Share icon in the Gallery app. Touch that icon while viewing an image, and peruse the apps shown on the list to choose a sharing method.


Here are some of your choices:

Bluetooth: Send the picture or video to another device via the Bluetooth connection. That other device could be a printer, for example, in which case you can print the picture.

Gmail and Email: Attach the image to a new message you compose using the Gmail or Email app.

Facebook: Share the photo on the Facebook app.

Drive: Save the photo on your Google Drive. Likewise, if you have the Dropbox app installed, an Add to Dropbox option appears for saving the image on that cloud storage site as well.

To review all the options, you may have to choose the See All command. The total number of apps available for sharing images depends on the variety of apps installed on your phone.

For sharing videos, choose the YouTube option, found by choosing See All from the menu. Fill in the information on the screen and touch the Upload button to publish your video.