How to Share Android Files with the Cloud - dummies

How to Share Android Files with the Cloud

By Dan Gookin

A handy way to share files between a computer and your Android phone is to use cloud storage. That’s just fancy talk for storing files on the Internet.

Many choices are available for cloud storage, including Google’s own Google Drive and Microsoft’s Skydrive. You also might want to try Dropbox service.

All files saved to cloud storage are synchronized instantly with all devices that access the storage. Change a file on a computer, and it’s updated on your phone. The files are also available directly on the Internet from a web page. Even so, use a specific cloud storage app on your phone to access the files.

To make the file transfer from the computer to the phone, save a file in the cloud storage folder. On your phone, open the cloud storage app, such as Drive or Dropbox. Browse the folders and touch the file’s icon to view that file on your phone.

To transfer a file from your phone to a computer, view the file or media and then touch the Share icon. Choose the Drive or Dropbox icon to share the item via Google Drive or Dropbox, respectively.


Because all devices that share the cloud storage are instantly synchronized, you don’t need to worry about specific file transfers. All files saved to cloud storage are available to all devices that can access that storage.

  • The Google Drive app is named Drive. It’s part of the Google suite of apps on just about every Android phone.

  • You can obtain the Dropbox app from the Play Store, but you also need to get a Dropbox account and probably get the Dropbox program for your computer.

  • These cloud storage services are free for a limited amount of storage. Beyond that you need to pay a monthly fee.