How to Set Ringtones on an Android Phone - dummies

How to Set Ringtones on an Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

Ringtones can be lots of fun. They uniquely identify your phone’s jingle, especially when you forget to mute your phone and you’re hustling to turn the thing off because everyone in the room is annoyed by your We Will Rock You ringtone.

On your Android phone, you can choose which ringtone you want. You can create your own ringtones or use snippets from your favorite tunes. You can also assign ringtones for individual contacts. This section explains how it’s done.

Choosing the phone’s ringtone

To select a new ringtone for your phone, or to simply confirm which ringtone you’re using, follow these steps:

  1. At the Home screen, touch the Apps icon.

  2. Open the Settings app and then choose Sound.

  3. Choose Phone Ringtone or Ringtone.

    If a ringtone app is installed, you may see a menu that asks you which source to use for the phone’s ringtone. Choose Media Storage or Android System, and then touch the Just Once button.

  4. Choose a ringtone from the list that’s displayed.

    Scroll the list. Tap a ringtone to hear its preview.

  5. Touch OK to accept the new ringtone, or touch Cancel to keep the phone’s ringtone as is.

You can also set the ringtone used for notifications: In Step 3, choose the command Default Notification Sound or Notification Ringtone.

Text messaging ringtones are set from the Text Messaging or Hangouts app.

Setting a contact’s ringtone

Ringtones can be assigned by contact so that when your annoying friend Larry calls, you can have your phone yelp like a whiny puppy. Here’s how to set a ringtone for a contact:

  1. Open the People or Contacts app.

    The app may be found on the Home screen, or it can be located in the apps drawer.

  2. From the list, choose the contact to which you want to assign a ringtone.

  3. Locate the Ringtones command.

    Touch the Action Overflow or Menu icon and choose the Ringtone or Set Ringtone command. On some phones, you may have to edit the contact to see a Ringtone command or category.

  4. If prompted, choose the app to supply the ringtone.

    For example, you may see a prompt that lists various ringtone apps, including the phone’s Media Storage app and the Zedge app. Choose the app, and then touch Just Once or Always.

  5. Choose a ringtone from the list.

    It’s the same list that’s displayed for the phone’s ringtones.

  6. Touch OK to assign the ringtone to the contact.

Whenever the contact calls, the phone rings using the ringtone you’ve specified.

To remove a specific ringtone for a contact, repeat the steps in this section but in Step 5 choose Default Ringtone. (It’s found at the top of the list of ringtones.) This choice sets the contact’s ringtone to be the same as the phone’s ringtone.