How to Send E-Mail from Your Droid X - dummies

How to Send E-Mail from Your Droid X

By Dan Gookin

Crafting an e-mail message on your Droid X works exactly like creating one on your computer. Depending on what e-mail accounts you have associated with your Droid, you can use the Gmail, Email, or Messaging app to send you electronic letter.

  1. Start an e-mail program and access the inbox.

    You can use either Gmail, Email, or the Messaging app.

  2. Press the Menu soft button and choose Compose from the menu that appears.

    In the Messaging app, also have to choose an account. You use this account to send the message. A new message screen appears.

  3. If necessary, touch the To field to select it, and then type the first few letters of a contact name and choose a matching contact from the list that appears.

    You can also send to any valid e-mail address not found in your Contacts list by typing the complete address. The onscreen keyboard changes to add the @ (at sign) and .com keys, which makes typing e-mail addresses easier.

  4. Touch the Subject field and use the onscreen keyboard to type a subject.

    Alternatively, you can dictate the subject using voice input.

  5. (Optional) Summon and fill out the CC field:

    • In Gmail, press the Menu soft button and choose the command Add Cc/Bcc from the menu that appears.

    • In the Email program, press the Menu soft button and choose Add CC.

  6. Touch the Compose Mail field and use your best thumb-typing skills to compose your letter.


    Alternatively, you can dictate the message.

  7. Touch the Send button to whisk your missive to the Internet for immediate delivery.

    Instead, you can touch either the Discard or Cancel button to trash the message. If prompted, touch OK or Yes to confirm its deletion. In Gmail, when you touch the Save As Draft button, the message is stored in the Drafts folder. You can open this folder to re-edit the message. Touch Send to send it.

Copies of the messages you send in the Email program are stored in the Sent mailbox. If you’re using Gmail, copies are saved in your Gmail account, which is accessed both from your phone or from any computer connected to the Internet.