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How to Safely Carry Your Droid Bionic

The compact design of the Droid Bionic is perfect for a pocket or even the teensiest of party purses. It’s well designed so that you can carry your phone in your pocket or handbag without fearing that something will accidentally turn it on, dial Botswana, and run up a heck of a cell phone bill.

Because the Droid Bionic features a proximity sensor, you can even keep the phone in your pocket while you’re on a call. The proximity sensor disables the touchscreen, which ensures that nothing accidentally gets touched when you don’t want it to be touched.

  • Though it’s okay to place the phone somewhere when you’re making a call, be careful not to touch the phone’s Power Lock button (refer to the figure for the Power/Lock button). Doing so may temporarily enable the touchscreen, which can hang up a call, mute the phone, or do any of a number of undesirable things.


  • You can always store the Droid Bionic in one of a variety of handsome carrying case accessories, some of which come in fine Naugahyde or leatherette.

  • Don’t forget that the phone is in your pocket, especially in your coat or jacket. You might accidentally sit on the phone, or it can fly out when you take off your coat. The worst fate for the Droid Bionic, or any cell phone, is to take a trip through the wash.