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How to Quickly Switch Apps on Your Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

Android apps don’t quit. Sure, some of them have a Quit or Sign Out command, but most apps lurk inside the phone’s memory while you do other things. The Android operating system may eventually kill off a stale app. Before that happens, you can deftly and quickly switch between all running apps.

The key to making the switch is to use the Recent icon, found at the bottom of the touchscreen.


On phones that lack a Recent icon, touch the Home icon twice.

  • Some phones may feature a Task Manager, in the form of an app or often an icon at the bottom of the recent app list.

  • The difference between a Task Manager and the recent app list is that the Task Manager lets you kill off running apps. That brutal step isn’t necessary, but some people take great satisfaction in the feature.

  • If your phone lacks a Task Manager, you can view running apps by opening the Settings app and choosing the Apps or Application Manager item. Touch the Running tab to view apps and other activities making themselves busy on your phone.