How to Put Your Droid Bionic to Sleep - dummies

How to Put Your Droid Bionic to Sleep

You can dismiss your Droid Bionic from existence in one of three ways. The first way is to put the phone to sleep, to snooze it; the second is to turn off the phone; and the third is to hibernate it.

To snooze the phone, press and release the Power Lock button. No matter what you’re doing, the phone’s touchscreen display turns off. The phone itself isn’t off, but the touchscreen display turns off and ignores your touches. The phone enters a low-power state to save battery life and also to relax.

  • You can snooze the phone while you’re making a call. Simply press and release the Power Lock button. The call stays connected, but the display is turned off.

  • Snooze mode lets you keep talking on the phone while you put it in your pocket. When the phone is in Snooze mode, your pocket is in no danger of accidentally hanging up or muting it in the middle of a call.

  • The Droid Bionic will probably spend most of its time in Snooze mode.

  • Snoozing does not turn off the phone; you can still receive calls while the phone is snoozing.

  • Any timers or alarms you set are still activated when the phone is snoozing, and music continues to play.

There’s no need to manually snooze your Droid Bionic. That’s because it has a built-in time-out: After a period of inactivity, or boredom, the phone snoozes itself automatically.

You have control over the snooze timeout value, which can be set anywhere from 15 seconds to 30 minutes. Follow these steps:

  1. At the Home screen, press the Menu soft button.


  2. Choose Settings.

  3. Choose Display.

  4. Choose Screen Timeout.

  5. Choose a timeout value from the list that’s provided.

    The standard value is 1 minute.

  6. Press the Home soft button to return to the Home screen.


When you don’t touch the screen or you aren’t using the phone, the sleep timer starts ticking. About ten seconds before the timeout value you set (refer to Step 5), the touchscreen dims. Then the Droid Bionic goes to sleep. If you touch the screen before then, the sleep timer is reset.