How to Print from Your Android to a Bluetooth Printer - dummies

How to Print from Your Android to a Bluetooth Printer

By Dan Gookin

One of the common ways to print pictures or even documents with an Android phone is to pair the phone with a Bluetooth printer. The secret is to find and use the Share icon, choose Bluetooth, and then select the printer.


As you may suspect, the actual steps for that process can be more complicated:

  1. View the document, web page, or image you want to print.

    You can print from the Chrome app, the Gallery app, or from a number of other apps.

  2. Touch the Share icon.

    If a Share icon isn’t visible in the app, look for a Share command on the Action Overflow icon’s menu.

  3. Choose Bluetooth.

    If the Bluetooth option isn’t available, you may not be able to print from the app.

  4. Choose your Bluetooth printer from the list of items on the Bluetooth screen.

  5. If a prompt appears on the printer, confirm that your phone is printing a document.

    The document is uploaded (sent from the phone to the printer), and then it prints. You can view the upload status by checking the phone’s notifications.

Not everything on an Android phone can be printed on a Bluetooth printer. When you can’t find the Share icon or the Bluetooth item isn’t available on the Share menu, you can’t print using Bluetooth.