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How to Organize Music on an Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

The Play Music app on your Android categorizes your music by album, artist, song, and so forth, but unless you have only one album and enjoy all the songs on it, that configuration probably won’t do. To better organize your music, you can create playlists. That way, you can hear the music you want to hear, in the order you want, for whatever mood hits you.

Reviewing your playlists

To view any playlists that you’ve already created or that have been preset on the phone, display the Play Music app’s navigation drawer and choose Playlists. You’ll see the playlists on the screen, similar to what’s shown here.


To see which songs are in a playlist, touch the playlist album icon. To play the songs in the playlist, touch the first song in the list.

A playlist is a helpful way to organize music when a song’s information may not have been completely imported into the phone. For example, you probably have a lot of songs labeled Unknown. A quick way to remedy that situation is to name a playlist after the artist and then add those unknown songs to the playlist.

Building playlists

The Play Music app features two “auto” playlists, one for the last songs you’ve added and another for free and purchased songs. Beyond that the playlists you see are those you create. Here’s how it works:

  1. Locate music you want to add to a playlist.

  2. Touch the Action Overflow icon by the album or song.


  3. Choose the Add to Playlist command.

    Ensure that you’re viewing a song or an album; otherwise the Add to Playlist command doesn’t show up.

  4. Choose an existing playlist. Or to create a playlist, choose New Playlist.

    If you choose to create a playlist, type a name for the playlist and touch the OK button.

The song or album is added to the playlist you selected, or it’s placed into a new playlist you created. You can continue to add songs to the playlist by repeating Steps 1–3.

  • You can have as many playlists as you like on the phone and stick as many songs as you like into them. Adding songs to a playlist doesn’t noticeably affect the phone’s storage capacity.

  • To remove a song from a playlist, open the playlist and touch the menu icon by the song. Then choose Remove from Playlist.

  • Removing a song from a playlist doesn’t delete the song from the music library.

  • Songs in a playlist can be rearranged: While viewing the playlist, use the tab on the far left end of a song title to drag that song up or down in the list.

  • To delete a playlist, touch the Action Overflow icon in the playlist icon’s lower-right corner. Choose the Delete command. Touch OK to confirm.

Deleting music

Depending on the source, you have two ways to deal with unwanted music in the Play Music app’s library. The different ways depend on whether or not the song is stored directly on the phone.

For music stored on the device, locate the song or album and touch the Action Overflow icon. Choose the Delete command. Touch the OK button to remove the song.


If you don’t see a Delete command on the menu, the song is available only through Google Play Music. To remove it, visit Google Play on the Internet. View your library to locate the song. Click the Action Overflow icon by a song and choose the Delete command. Click the Delete Song button to confirm.