How to Manage Your Photo Images on the HTC One - dummies

How to Manage Your Photo Images on the HTC One

By Bill Hughes

After you take some great pictures on your HTC One, you need to figure out what to do with them. You can send an image immediately to another site or via email. Doing those things with pictures isn’t so common, though. In most cases, it’s easier to keep on doing what you were doing and go back to the Gallery application when you have some time to take a look.

Your choices include

  • Store them on your phone within the Gallery app.

  • Transfer them to your PC to your photo album application by sending them with email.

  • Store them on an Internet site, like Picasa or Flickr.

  • Print them from your PC.

  • Email or text them to your friends and family

  • Any combination of the preceding choices.

Unlike many regular cellphones with a built-in camera, the HTC One makes it easy to access these choices. You need to determine the approach(es) you want to take to keep your images when you want them to stick around.

Even though the Camera and Gallery apps are closely related, they’re separate.

The Gallery’s main screen shows how the app first sorts the images on your phone by time, depending upon when they originated.


All your photos from the Camera app are placed in Gallery. The application groups pictures or videos taken about the same time, and sorts them based upon the time division that works for you. If you tap the Gallery link, the app sorts your images by year, month, day, or event.