How to Make International Calls on Your Android with Skype - dummies

How to Make International Calls on Your Android with Skype

By Dan Gookin

One of the easiest, and cheapest, ways to make international calls on your Android phone is to use the Skype app. If the app isn’t supplied on your phone, you have to install it from the Google Play Store.

Because Skype uses the Internet, you can also use Skype to contact overseas Skype users without incurring extra costs (well, beyond your normal data plan). You can, however, use Skype Credit in your Skype account to dial internationally, both from the United States to a foreign country as well as from a foreign country to home.

You need Skype Credit to place an international call (or any call to a real phone). The easiest way to add credit is to visit Skype on the Internet using a computer. Sign in to your account and surrender a credit card to add a few pennies of credit. Although that may seem disappointing, remember that Skype’s rates are far cheaper than placing a call by using your cellular provider.

To make an international call, log in to Skype as you normally would. At the main Skype screen, touch the Call Phone icon to summon the phone dialpad. Punch in the number, including the plus sign (+) for international access. Touch the Call icon to make the call. When you’re finished with the call, touch the End icon.

  • You’re always signed in to Skype unless you sign out. Touching the Home or Recent icon to switch to another app doesn’t sign you out of Skype.

  • To sign out of Skype, touch the Action Overflow icon on the main Skype screen and choose Sign Out.

  • Check with your cellular provider to see whether you’re charged connection minutes for using Skype. Even though the international calling with Skype is free, you might still be dinged for the minutes you use on Skype to make the call.