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How to Make an Emergency Call on Your HTC One

By Bill Hughes

Cellphones are wonderful tools for calling help in an emergency. The HTC One, like all phones in the United States and Canada, can make emergency calls to 911.

Just tap the phone icon on the Home screen, tap 911, and then tap Send.

You’ll be routed to the 911 call center nearest to your location. This works wherever you’re at within the United States. So, say you live in Chicago but have a car accident in Charlotte; just tap 911 to be connected to the 911 call center in Charlotte, not Chicago.

No problem, even if your phone isn’t registered on a network (as your battery is charged). Your phone lets you know that the only number you can dial is a 911 call center, even if the Home screen is locked.

When you call 911 from a landline, the address you’re calling from is usually displayed for the operator. When you’re calling from a cellphone, though, the operator doesn’t have that specific information. Take a moment and come up with a good description of where you are — the street you’re on, the nearest cross street (if you know it), any businesses or other landmarks nearby.

So, when you call 911, the operator might say, “911. Where is your emergency?” Don’t let this question throw you; after all, you’re probably focused on what is happening and not on where. An operator who knows where you are is in a better position to help you with your emergency.

Your phone does have a GPS receiver in it that 911 centers can access. However, it’s not always accurate; it may not be receiving location information at that moment, as is the case when you’re indoors.

When you’re outside the United States or Canada, 911 might not be the number you call in an emergency. Mexico uses 066, 060, or 080, but most tourist areas also accept 911. And most — but not all — of Europe uses 112. Knowing the local emergency number is as important as knowing enough of the language to say you need help.