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How to Listen to the Radio on Your Droid X

By Dan Gookin

With the proper software installed on your Droid X, your phone can also be used as a radio. Whether you’re in the mood for good old FM radio or something from the Internet, your Droid has you covered.

Listening to FM radio

The Droid X ships with the app FM Radio, which magically pulls radio signals from the air and puts them into your ear. Start using the FM Radio app:

  1. Plug a headset into your Droid X.

    If you forget, the app reminds you.

  2. Choose the FM Radio app from the Applications Tray.

    The first time you use the FM Radio app, you’re prompted to scan available stations.

  3. Touch the OK button to scan the stations.

    The Droid X scans all FM frequencies and makes note of which are active.

  4. If you want to listen to the FM Radio app over the Droid’s speakers, press the Menu soft button and choose the Loudspeaker command.

    But remember, the FM Radio app uses the headset as an antenna. If you unplug the headset, the FM Radio app closes.

  5. To quit the FM Radio app, press the Menu soft button and choose the command Exit FM.

After the FM Radio app does the initial scan for radio stations, you can use the app to listen to broadcast FM radio on your phone. Use the controls on the app’s interface, as illustrated in this figure, to change stations or scan for new stations.


Streaming music from the Internet

Though they’re not broadcast radio stations, some sources on the Internet — Internet radio — play music. You can listen to that Internet music if you put on of two apps on your Droid X:

  • Pandora Radio: Lets you select music based on your mood and customizes what you listen to according to your feedback. The app works like the Pandora Web site, in case you’re familiar with it.

  • StreamFurious: Streams music from various radio stations on the Internet. Though not as customizable as Pandora, it uses less bandwidth.

Both apps are available at the Android Market. They’re free, although a Pro version of StreamFurious exists for a price.