How to Join Identical Contacts on Your Android Phone - dummies

How to Join Identical Contacts on Your Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

Your Android phone can pull in contacts from sources such as Facebook, Gmail, Skype, and more. Because your friends also use multiple online services, you may discover several contact entries for the same person. When you notice such duplicates, you can join them. Here’s how:

  1. Wildly scroll the address book until you locate a duplicate.

    Well, maybe not wildly scroll, but locate a duplicated entry. Because the address book is sorted, the duplicates appear close together.

  2. Tap the Edit icon to edit one of the duplicate contacts.

    Editing may not be required for some versions of the address book app.

    On some Samsung phones, tap the More icon and choose the Link Contacts action. Skip to Step 4.

  3. Tap the Action Overflow and choose Join.

    The action might be titled Link Contact or something similar.

    After choosing the action, you see a list of contacts that the phone guesses could be identical. It also shows the entire list of contacts, in case the guess is incorrect. Your job is to find the duplicate contact.

  4. Choose the duplicate contact from the list.

    The contacts are merged, appearing as a single entry in the address book.

Joined contacts aren’t flagged as such in the address book, but you can easily identify them: A joined contact often lists two sources, such as Google and Facebook, in the Accounts area. Or you may see a Link icon (like a link in a chain).