How to Install and Charge Your Droid X's Battery - dummies

How to Install and Charge Your Droid X’s Battery

By Dan Gookin

When you get your Droid X, disassembled inside its box, your first duty as a new Droid X owner is to install the battery. Your second duty is to charge that battery. Installing the battery is easy, and charging it doesn’t require a lightning storm and a kite.

  1. Make sure the phone is turned off.

    You don’t need to follow this step unless you got all excited and already turned on your Droid X.

  2. Flip the phone over so that the front (the glassy part) is facing away from you.

    Don’t remove the phone’s cover when the phone is turned on. You should also disconnect any cables and the headset, if they’re attached.

  3. If necessary, remove the back cover by placing both thumbs on the center part and gently sliding it downward, then lift the back cover and set it aside.

    A gentle push is all that you need; feel free to squeeze the phone while you push upward. The back cover slides down a wee bit, about 1/8 of an inch.

  4. Unwrap the battery and the phone’s back cover.

    Also, you can remove the plastic coating from the back cover.

  5. Orient the battery so that its metallic contacts are in the lower-right corner when you’re looking at the back of the phone.

    The battery is shaped like a giant, square mint cookie, the fudgy kind that the doctor advised you not to eat.

  6. Insert the bottom edge of the battery first, and then lower the top edge like you’re closing the lid on a tiny box.


    The battery’s metal contacts should be on the lower-right edge as you insert the battery into the phone. When the battery is fully inserted, it snaps into place.

  7. Position the cover’s four prongs over the four slots on the back of the phone.

  8. Slide the cover up with your thumbs until it snaps into place.

    After the battery is installed, the next step is to charge it.

  9. Plug the phone’s charging adapter into a wall socket, and then plug the phone into the charger cord.

    The charger cord plugs into the micro-USB connector, found on the phone’s left side. As the phone charges, the notification light on the phone’s front side lights up. When the light is orange-yellow, the phone is charging. When the light is green, the phone is fully charged.

    You can use the phone while it’s charging.

  10. After the notification light turns green, unplug the phone from its power cable.

    Be sure to fully charge the battery, especially the first time you charge it.

The Droid X can use any standard cellphone charger. The charger must have a micro–USB connector to be able to plug into the phone. Also, you can charge the Droid X in your car by using what was once called a cigarette lighter. Simply ensure that you buy a car cellphone charger that features a micro–USB connector. The phone also charges itself when it’s plugged into a computer with a USB cable, but the computer must be on for charging to work.