How to Get Around in the HTC One's Browser - dummies

How to Get Around in the HTC One’s Browser

By Bill Hughes

When the browser on your HTC One is active, it should look familiar to your desktop browser. However, some basic icons are missing. To access them, you need to tap the Menu button. This brings up the screen shown.


This screen gives you quick access to all your browser screen options. The most import options on the menu include

  • Go forward/backward: The left and right arrow move you forward and backward in the same way the forward and backward buttons operate on your desktop browser (or on your tape player, if you’re still listening to music that way).

  • New Tab: Tap this to open another tab.

  • New Incognito Tab: If you want to open a new window, but do it without having your phone tracking what sites you’ve visited, tap the icon with a silhouette of a person in a trench coat. That brings up an incognito browser session.

  • Bookmarks: You can tap the bookmark icon to make this site a favorite.

  • Refresh: Tap to resend data from the active tab. This is useful if there is no activity for a while. This is the same icon as on your desktop browser with the semicircular arrows chasing each others’ tails.