How to Edit Text on the Droid Bionic - dummies

How to Edit Text on the Droid Bionic

Although most people don’t choose to edit text on their cell phone, the Droid Bionic does provide text editing capabilities. To edit text, first you will need to select it.

Move the cursor on the Droid Bionic

The first part of editing text is to move the cursor, that blinking vertical line where text appears, to the correct spot. Then you can type, edit, or paste. To move the cursor, touch the part of the text where you want the cursor to blink. If you’re lucky, the cursor finds itself in the proper spot. If it doesn’t, you have to do some adjusting.

For precise cursor positioning, use the cursor tab, which appears whenever you touch text on your Droid Bionic. The cursor tab looks like a trapezoid. Drag that big tab around to specifically position the cursor.


Select text on the Droid Bionic

You may be familiar with selecting text in a word processor; selecting text on the Droid Bionic theoretically works the same way. Selected text appears highlighted on the touchscreen. You can then delete, cut, or copy that block of selected text. Your phone has several methods for selecting text.

  • Text selection with your finger on the touchscreen: To quickly select a word, tap your finger twice on the touchscreen. The word becomes highlighted, as shown in this figure.


    Pay heed to the Start Block and End Block markers on either side of the selected word, as shown in the figure. Use your finger to drag the start and end markers around the screen, which extends the text selection.

    When dragging the Start Block or End Block marker, keep your finger pressed against the screen: Touch a marker and then drag your finger to move the marker. The text between the two markers is highlighted and selected.

  • Text selection using the Edit Text menu: Start selecting text by pressing and holding — a long-press — any part of the text screen or input box. When you do, the Edit Text menu appears, as shown in this figure.


    The first two options on the Edit Text menu deal with selecting text:

    • Select Word: Choose this option to select the word you long-pressed on the screen. You can then extend the selection.

    • Select All: Choose this option to select all text, whether it’s in the input box or you’ve been entering or editing it in the current application.

      To back out of the Edit Text menu, press the Back soft button.


      You can cancel the selection of text by pressing the Back soft button.

Select web page text with the Droid Bionic

When you’re browsing the web on your Droid Bionic, you select text by summoning a special menu item. Follow these steps:

  1. Press the Menu soft button to summon the web browser’s menu.


  2. Choose the More command, and then choose Select Text.

  3. Drag your finger over the text on the web page you want to copy.

    You can extend the selection by dragging the controls at the start or end of the text.

  4. Touch the screen and choose the Copy command.

    The text is instantly copied.

You can paste the text into any application on your phone that accepts text input.

After the text is selected, you can do four things with it: Delete it, replace it, copy it, or cut it. Delete the text by touching the Del key on the keyboard. Replace text by typing something new while the text is selected.