How to Decline Calls on Your HTC One - dummies

How to Decline Calls on Your HTC One

By Bill Hughes

The Decline and Answer buttons are pretty standard on any cellular phone. However, your HTC One is no standard phone. You have a number of options if you want to decline to answer a call.

The first option to not answer a call is to simply ignore the ringing. If the ringing bothers you, you can tap the red Decline button. The ringing stops immediately. In either case, the call goes to voicemail. You can handle the call you do not want to or can’t answer other ways:

  • Putting the phone face down. This mutes the phone and the caller goes to voicemail.

  • Decline the call and give yourself a reminder to call the person back.

  • Decline and immediately send a text to the caller.

You get to make your choice on using the reminder or the text when you tap the button that says Decline. When you tap Decline, you get the pop-up screen shown.


If you choose to remind yourself, a notification will appear with the caller ID information. If you choose a text, some of the typical “canned” messages that you can send are

  • I’m in class.

  • Call you later.

  • Can’t talk. Text me.

  • Can’t talk now. I will call you soon.

  • I’m in a meeting.

You tap the message that applies (but not while you’re driving). The message is sent as a text right away, which alerts the caller that you’re not ignoring him or her — it’s just that you can’t talk right now. Nice touch.

You can also create and store your own message, like “Go away and leave me alone,” or “Whatever I am doing is more important than talking to you.” You could also be polite. To create your own canned message, tap the blank text box and type away. It’s stored on your phone for when you need it.

The caller has to be able to receive text messages on the phone used to make the call. This feature doesn’t work if your caller is calling from a landline or a cellphone that can’t receive texts.