How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Text on an Android Phone - dummies

How to Cut, Copy, and Paste Text on an Android Phone

By Dan Gookin

Selected text on your Android is primed for cutting or copying, which works just like it does in your favorite word processor. After you select the text, choose the proper command from the contextual action bar, which looks like a toolbar atop the touchscreen.

The action bar lists several commands. For example, to copy the text, choose the Copy command; to cut text, choose Cut.

Just like on your computer, cut or copied text on your phone is stored in a clipboard. To paste any previously cut or copied text, move the cursor to the spot where you want the text pasted.

  • A quick way to paste text is to touch the Paste command button above the cursor tab. To see that button, touch anywhere in the text. Not every phone features a Paste command above the cursor tab.


  • Some phones feature a Clipboard app, which lets you peruse, review, and select previously cut or copied text or images. You might even find a Clipboard key on the onscreen keyboard.

  • You can paste text only into locations where text is allowed. Odds are good that if you see the onscreen keyboard, you can paste text.