How to Configure E-Mail on Your Droid X - dummies

How to Configure E-Mail on Your Droid X

By Dan Gookin

Your Droid X allows you to configure e-mail accounts you access from the phone. You can create a custom e-mail signature that appears on messages you send from your Droid X, among other setting options.

Adding a Gmail signature

Create or change a signature for Gmail:

  1. Start Gmail.

  2. Press the Menu soft button and choose Settings from the menu that appears.

    If you see no settings, choose Back to Inbox and repeat Step 2.

  3. Choose Signature.

  4. Type or dictate your signature.

  5. Touch OK.

That signature will now be automatically added to the end of all the new e-mails you create.

Adding an Email signature

Set a signature for the Email program:

  1. Start a new message.

  2. Press the Menu soft button.

  3. Choose More→Email Settings→Compose Options.


  4. Edit the Email Signature area to reflect your new signature.

    The preset signature is Sent via DROID on Verizon Wireless. Feel free to edit it at your whim.

  5. Touch the Done button.

  6. Press the Back button to return to the message, where you can touch Cancel to stop composing a new message.

    The signature you set appears in all outgoing messages.

Setting the frequency of Email updates

You can specify how frequently the Email program checks for new messages:

  1. Choose Email Delivery on the Email settings screen.

  2. Put a check mark by Data Push.

  3. Choose the Fetch Schedule item.

  4. Set the frequency with which the program checks your e-mail account.

Choose Email Notifications in Gmail, or Notifications in Email, to have the phone alert you to new messages. Specify whether the phone vibrates upon the receipt of new e-mail by choosing Vibrate. The ringtone and vibration options are available only when Email Notifications is selected.