How to Answer Calls on Your HTC One - dummies

How to Answer Calls on Your HTC One

By Bill Hughes

Receiving a call is even easier than making a call on your HTC One. When someone calls you, caller ID information appears along with three icons. The figure shows a typical screen for an incoming call. To answer the call, tap the green Answer button.


You have some exciting options that you can enable (or not) when you get a call. For example, you can specify a unique ringtone for a particular number, or have an image of the caller pop up (if you store contacts to your phone).

Regardless of what you were doing on the phone at that moment — such as listening to music or playing a game — the answer screen can appear. Any active application, including music or video, is suspended until the call is over.

For callers to leave you messages, you must set up your voicemail. If you haven’t yet set up your voicemail, the caller will hear a recorded message saying that your voicemail account isn’t yet set up. Some cellular carriers can set up voicemail for you when you activate the account and get the phone; others require you to set up voicemail on your own.

Ask how voicemail works at your carrier store or look for instructions in the manual included with your phone.