How to Adjust Your Droid X's Camera - dummies

How to Adjust Your Droid X’s Camera

By Dan Gookin

Your Droid X is more phone than camera — still, it has various camera adjustments you can make in its Camera app. You can find those Droid camera adjustment controls in a couple of places:

  • On the screen when the Camera app first starts


  • When you press the Menu soft button while using the Camera app


Though you have many camera settings to make, here are a few items worthy of note:

  • Scenes: Preconfigure the Droid X camera for taking certain types of pictures. After touching the Scenes button, swipe the options left or right. Choose one to configure the camera to, ideally, take that type of picture.

  • Flash mode: Touch the Flash button. The camera has three Flash modes that you can set, confirmed by one of these icons on the touchscreen:

    • Auto Flash: In this mode, the camera determines whether the flash goes off. Sometimes it does, such as when it’s dark, and sometimes it doesn’t, such as when you’re taking a picture of the sun.

    • Flash On: The flash always blinds your victims.

    • Flash Off: The flash never goes off, even in the dark.

  • Effects: Add special color effects. After choosing an effect, press the Back soft button to take your picture.

  • Picture Mode: Set options for how to use the camera by pressing the Menu soft button and choosing Picture Modes. You can choose from four ways to use the camera:


    • Single Shot: Normal camera mode.

    • Panorama Assist: The camera helps you capture wide or tall shots by assisting you in taking multiple images that can be laid out in a panorama.

    • Self Portrait: Use face-recognition technology to take your own picture. To make face detection work, it must be turned on: Press the Menu soft button when using the Camera, then choose Settings→Face Detection to place a green check mark by that item.

    • Multi-Shot: Rapidly take pictures as long as the shutter button is pressed. This feature is useful for capturing action pictures, such as in sporting events or when viewing train wrecks.