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How to Add a Word to an Android Phone Dictionary

By Dan Gookin

Betcha didn’t know that your Android phone sports a dictionary. The dictionary is used to keep track of words you type — words that it may not recognize as being spelled properly.

Words unknown to the phone are highlighted on the screen. Sometimes, the word is shown in a different color or on a different background or even underlined in red. To add that word to the phone’s dictionary, long-press it. You see the Add Word to Dictionary command, which sticks the word in the phone’s dictionary.

To review or edit the phone’s dictionary, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Settings app.

  2. Choose Language & Input.

  3. Choose Personal Dictionary.

    The command may not be obvious on some phones: Try choosing the keyboard first, and then choose either the Dictionary or User Dictionary command.

When the dictionary is visible, you can review words, edit them, remove them, or manually add new ones. To edit or delete a word, long-press it. To add a word, choose the Add icon.