Handle Two Calls at Once in the Droid Bionic - dummies

Handle Two Calls at Once in the Droid Bionic

A human being can hold only one conversation at a time. Holding two conversations at a time isn’t a big deal for the Droid Bionic. Because your phone isn’t human, it can deftly manage more than one thing at a time, including simultaneous phone calls. This section explains how it works.

You’re on the phone, chatting it up. Suddenly, someone else calls you. What happens next? The Droid Bionic alerts you to a new call. The phone may vibrate or make a sound. Look at the front of the phone to see what’s up with the incoming call, as shown in the figure.


You have three options:

  • Answer the call. Touch the green Answer button to answer the incoming call. The call you’re on is placed on hold.

  • Send the call directly to voice mail. Touch the Ignore button. The incoming call is sent directly to voice mail.

  • Do nothing. The call eventually goes into voice mail.

When you choose to answer the call and the call you’re on is placed on hold, you return to the first call when you end the second call. Or, you can manage the multiple calls as described in the next section.