Google Voice for the Droid Bionic - dummies

Google Voice for the Droid Bionic

Perhaps the best option for working your voice mail on the Droid Bionic is something called Google Voice. It’s more than just a voice mail system: You can use Google Voice to make phone calls in the United States, place cheap international calls, and perform other amazing feats. For now, learn to use Google Voice as the Droid Bionic voice mail system.

  • Even when you choose to use Google Voice, it’s still recommended to set up and configuring the boring carrier voice mail.

  • You may need to reset Google Voice after using call forwarding.

You need to get a Google Voice account on the Internet before you configure the Droid Bionic for Google Voice. Start your adventure by visiting the Google Voice home page on the Internet.

If necessary, sign in to your Google account. You use the same account name and password you use to access your Gmail.

Your next task is to configure a Google Voice number to be used for your Droid Bionic. Or, if you’ve just signed up for a Google Voice number, choose the options to use your existing cell phone number and select the “Lite” version of Google Voice. It sets you up with voice mail for your phone, which is the ultimate goal.

  • If all you want is to use Google Voice as your voice mail service, choose the option that says Just Want Voicemail for Your Cell.

  • Google Voice offers a host of features: international dialing, call forwarding, and other stuff.