Games Apps for Android - dummies

By Daniel A. Begun

Want to play games with your Android? You’ve got a lot of apps to choose from, including games in which you hurl birds, shoot marbles, maneuver jewels, navigate through mazes, act as an air traffic controller, and hone your blackjack skills. Several word games are also available.

Some popular games applications for Android devices include the following:

  • Abduction! World Attack (£1.35): In Abduction! World Attack, you’re a cow (nothing personal) and it’s up to you save the rest of your herd, which has been abducted by aliens. In this vertical-scrolling game, you guide your cow up a series of platforms by tilting your Android device left and right. This app features 22 levels and 54 timed challenges. Additional game modes become available after you complete all of the adventures and challenges.

  • Air Control (£1.99): With this app, you act as an air traffic controller, landing an increasing number of airplanes and helicopters, without causing any midair collisions. Choose from four different airport maps. The more aircraft that you land in a session, the faster new aircraft appear on the screen. When aircraft collide, the sounds of crashing and breaking glass play, and the game is over.


  • Angry Birds (free; ad supported): Angry Birds is an oddball take on the traditional cannonball game. Rather than lob cannonballs at your enemies, you hurl birds from a slingshot. And your enemies are green pigs. The pigs deserve these attacks because they stole the birds’ eggs, which makes the birds very angry. So it’s no wonder that the pigs seek shelter from the birds in jury-rigged fortresses made from glass, wood, and cinderblocks.


  • Bonsai Blast! ($1.99 US): Bonsai Blast is a shooter game that shoots marbles. Stationed on a stone platform, you shoot marbles at a chain of colored marbles that slowly snakes its way down a path. You must eliminate all of the marbles in the chain before it reaches the end of the path. Bonsai Blast has more than 90 levels, which add increasingly difficult elements, such as shooting marbles through chutes and ricocheting marbles off walls.

  • Jewellust ($2.95 US): Jewellust is similar to other jewel games: You swap the position of two adjacent jewels to create a string of three or more of the same color jewel. The longer the string, the more points you get. The string vanishes, and more jewels scroll down to fill the vacant spaces. Mixed in with the jewels are fragments to a mosaic. You must work the mosaic tiles to the bottom of the screen before time runs out, in order to make it to the next level.

  • Labyrinth (£2.99): This app gives you access to an endless variety of mazes — from the super-easy to the absurdly difficult. Labyrinth comes with more than 1,000 user-created mazes. You can download more mazes from a growing library. You also can create your own multilevel mazes on your computer (at and send them to your device.

  • Mahjong 3D (free; ad supported): This app is a Mahjong solitaire game in which you have to find matching tiles and try to clear the board. In addition to having a snazzy-looking 3D interface that changes perspective as you alter your view of the board, you can also change the background color and choose from three different tile sets. There are 70 different possible tile formations from which to choose.

  • Real Blackjack (free; ad supported): You could dive right into Real Blackjack and start playing some virtual hands of twenty-one, but if you do, you’ll miss a lot of what this robust card game offers. Real Blackjack is designed to help you hone your blackjack skills by mentoring you in a number of basic blackjack strategies.

  • Shoot U! ($1.99 US): The point of Shoot U! is to shoot a rag doll out of a cannon and have it hit a red ball with a star on it. You can adjust the angle of the cannon as well as how much force it shoots with. Each level adds increasingly difficult challenges in the form of immovable obstacles like walls, and moveable objects, such as block, balls, and levers.


  • Word Drop Pro (£0.69): Like many word games, Word Drop Pro lets you create words out of a random group of letters. Letters are assigned point values. Common letters like E are worth only one point, and less frequently used letters worth more points — up to ten points for letters like Q and Z. Each letter’s value appears on the lower-right corner of the letter tile. The goal is to accrue as many points as possible before the timer runs out.