Finance Apps for Android - dummies

By Daniel A. Begun

Several finance apps are available for Android devices. You can track sales and expenses for your small business, obtain current stock and other financial information, set up and track a debt payoff plan, and manage your bank accounts.

Following are some of the top finance apps for Android devices:

  • Balance Book – Profit Tracker ($4.99 US): If your small business’s accounting needs are fairly simple and your Android device is never more than an arm’s reach away from you, Balance Book – Profit Tracker might make your life a whole lot easier. With just a few quick taps, you can enter all of your business’s expenses and sales. After you enter some sales and expenses, you can view the entries in the Balance Sheet module (see the figure on the right).


  • Bloomberg (free; ad supported): The Bloomberg app disseminates financial information into four sections: News, Markets, My Stocks, and Stock Finder. Other available categories include varied topics like Emerging Markets, Health Care, China, and even U.S. Sports.


  • Checkbook ($1.99 US): Checkbook is a simple checkbook register app for managing your bank accounts and credit cards balances. To create an account, all you enter is the account’s name and the starting balance. This app enables you to assign categories to each transaction (such as Rent or Food). You can even add your own custom categories.

  • Debt Payoff Planner ($0.99 US): Debt Payoff Planner can steer you in the right direction and show you what you need to do to become debt free. First, you need to provide details about all of your debts. Next, enter the total amount of money you plan on putting toward all your debts each month. Debt Payoff Planner lets you choose from five strategies for paying off your debt. After you pick a strategy, tap the Calculate button to see the results.

  • EasyMoney ($9.95 US): This app helps you to easily manage your bank accounts, credit cards, and bills. Think of EasyMoney as a check register on steroids. You can track your income and daily expenses for multiple accounts, and also create monthly budgets, set up bill reminders, and even generate reports to see where your money is going.


  • Exchange Rates (free): Exchange Rates is a very easy-to-use app that provides up-to-the-minute exchange rates for world currencies. Pick from an extensive list of currencies that you want to appear on the main screen. Each listed currency includes an image of the respective country’s flag, the name of the country, and the currency’s official three-letter code (such as ISK for the Icelandic Króna).

  • Karl’s Mortgage Calculator (free; ad supported): If you’re shopping around for a mortgage, Karl’s Mortgage Calculator is an invaluable tool for doing quick number crunching to see how much those mortgages are really going to cost you. Simply enter the principal, fixed or variable interest rate, and term, and the app shows you what your payments will be.

  • Pageonce – Money & Bills (free; ad supported): Pageonce – Money & Bills is a financial manager that helps keep track of your bank account balances, credit card charges, and investments by gathering data from your online accounts. Above and beyond that, it also keeps you up to date on all sorts of online shopping, utility (as in your home’s gas, electric, and water service), frequent flyer, and even social networking accounts you have.

  • PayPal (free): The PayPal app makes it easy to manage your PayPal account from your Android device, allowing you to do things like add funds, withdraw money, and add credit cards to your account. You can also use the app to send money from your PayPal account or request payment from other people.

    Using PayPal’s “Bump” technology, you can physically place your device next to someone else’s device to transfer funds between your respective PayPal accounts.

  • Yahoo! Finance (free; ad supported): This app dishes the top stories in the world of finance, displays the major stock indexes, tracks stocks, and enables you to look up information about companies.