Entertainment Apps for Android - dummies

By Daniel A. Begun

Entertainment apps for Android devices run the gamut from drawing programs to video on demand software. Other apps in the entertainment category inform you on upcoming movie and DVD releases, help you discover where your favorite bands are playing live, offer background images and ringtones, and provide a humorous take on news topics.

Here are some of the top entertainment apps for Android devices:

  • Backgrounds (free; ad supported): Backgrounds is a boon for Android device users and photographers. There are currently more than 13,000 free images available that Backgrounds users can install as their wallpaper or contacts icons. These images come from a growing pool of photographs and illustrations that artists upload to the Backgrounds app flickr group.

  • Doodledroid ($0.99 US): This is a robust drawing program in which you start with a blank canvas, open an existing image, or import a photo to which you can add your touches. If you’re working with a blank canvas, the best place to start is to pick the background color for the canvas. Next, select the drawing tool you want to use. Choose from Brush, Eraser, Fill, and Smudge. Then go into the Adjust menu to access the settings for the tool.


  • E! Online (free; ad supported): With the E! Online app, you can read about the Hollywood elite’s latest shenanigans and also watch featured clips from the latest E! television shows. A number of E!’s more popular shows offer a veritable smorgasbord of video clips to watch. With this app, you can also create your own customized list of celebrities to follow.

  • Gigbox (free): If you’re a fan of popular music and you like going to see bands play live, then Gigbox will quickly become your best friend. Gigbox keeps track of your favorite performers and lets you know when they have a gig coming up, and whether that show is happening nearby. Gigbox also lets you explore new artists you might not be familiar with.

  • Mabilo Ringtones (free; ad supported): Mabilo Ringtones lets you browse, search, preview, and download ringtones from a library of more than 200,000 user-uploaded MP3s.

    Many of these ringtones were created by users who don’t have the legal rights to the songs. That means neither do you.

  • Movies by Flixster (free): This app is for true movie buffs. It keeps you in the know about upcoming film and DVD releases, and you can also watch trailers, purchase tickets, and even access your Netflix queue. When you tap the Theaters tab, it displays theaters that are close by. You can also search for theaters by name or see them on a map.


  • Onion News Network (free; ad supported): When you’re in the mood for a good belly laugh, fire up Onion News Network and watch any of its satiric and often irreverent news videos. If you aren’t familiar with the Onion News Network (also known as ONN), it is an offshoot of the news parody Web site, The Onion.

  • PicSay Pro Photo Editor (€2.99): PicSay Pro includes a wealth of photo manipulation features, such as image exposure or color temperature adjustments. It also includes many entertaining features — you can add funny word balloons and clip-art stickers to photos. When you are done, you can save the image to your device’s SD card, turn it into your device’s wallpaper, e-mail it, or share it with any number of social networking services.

  • TV Guide Mobile (free; ad supported): Want to know what’s on TV tonight or up to a week from now? Just launch TV Guide Mobile, and it gives you the entire lineup for your local provider’s or over-the-air channels. You can set channels as favorites so you can quickly see what’s showing on just those channels right now.

  • TV.com (free; ad supported): This app delivers some full-length TV episodes on demand for Android devices. TV.com is the Android app version of the Web site of the same name, which CBS Entertainment owns; therefore, much of the available content in the TV.com app is currently from CBS-owned sources.